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Cannon Motorcycle Multi-Lens Parts Pack RS3303X - Matt Black Frame/Clear Smoke

Cannon Motorcycle Multi-Lens Parts Pack RS3303X

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Lost or scratched your lenses and not quite ready to buy a completely new pair? Grab yourself a multi-lens parts pack. Includes 3 replacement lens colours, detachable foam insert, set of arms and adjustable strap.
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Lost or scratched your lenses and not quite ready to buy a completely new pair? Grab yourself a multi-lens parts pack. 

This multi-lens pack comes with a detachable foam insert to shelter eyes from wind and dust, a set of arms and an adjustable elastic strap with T-clip for a more secure fit. 

Best for
People who ride motorcycles either day or night. 


  • Polycarbonate Decentred Safety Lens (PC-DS)

Sizing Guide

  • Large / X-Large (in comparison to the Slim, Ultimate, Glide & Cruize)


  • Shatterproof and impact resistant
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch hard coating
  • Detachable positive seal/foam
  • Adjustable elastic strap can replace the arms for a more secure fit.
  • Interchangeable lens colour options so you can change the lens colour to best suit riding conditions. Simply remove the arms and place them into the desired lens colour.
  • Option to add RX Gasket for prescription (can be purchased separately).
  • Lenses, strap, foam and arms are also available for purchase individually as spare parts. 
  • Compliant to the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1
  • Compliant to the Australian Standard for Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1-2016


  • 1 x smoke lens
  • 1 x clear lens
  • 1 x yellow lens
  • 1 detachable foam insert
  • 1 x set of arms
  • 1 x adjustable strap

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