Product Care

We said they were tough but with a little extra care you can increase the lifespan of your sunnies and prolong the effects of normal wear and tear by following these simple care instructions:


1. Regularly wash your sunnies under cold running water and a bit of hand soap to remove dirt, grime, sunscreen and any other harsh substances or chemicals that may cause damage.

2. Air-dry your sunnies away from direct sun light

3. Once dry, use the inside of the Ugly Fish microfibre soft pouch, or an optical cleaning cloth, to further clean the lenses and frame


If you’re not wearing ‘em, store ‘em. Store your sunnies in the Ugly Fish microfibre soft pouch and/or sports zip hard case for extra protection, or in case you accidentally sit on ‘em. You can also use the Ugly Fish visor clip in your car, just don’t leave ‘em in there on a hot day.

Note: If you own an Ugly Fish RX gasket, please follow the above cleaning and storage instructions using the anti-fog lens cleaning solution.


DO's & DON’Ts

DO regularly clean your sunnies

DON’T wipe dirty glasses. Salt crystals, sand or other tiny particles will be scratched into the lenses

DON’T use a paper towel or a t-shirt as a cleaning or drying agent. This may scratch the lenses or potentially add more dirt to the sunglasses

DON’T use optical lens cleaning solutions or sprays on your sunglass lenses as these will cause irreversible damage to the coatings on the lenses

DO keep your sunglasses in the Ugly Fish microfibre soft pouch and/or sports zip hard case when you’re not wearing ‘em

DON’T store sunglasses in direct sunlight, on the car dashboard or anywhere with extreme heat

DO remember… Everyone’s Ugly!