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Lifestyle Polarised

Lifestyle Polarised

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Our Photochromic Polarised sunglasses are adaptable to different light conditions, making them ideal for low light fishing conditions. With the ability to lighten or darken based on UV strength, the photochromic glasses offer the ultimate experience by allowing the optimum amount of light to pass through the lens.  Our Lenses will change from Yellow to Smoke or Amber to Smoke, making them the perfect pair of sunnies if you want to avoid carrying multiple sets of glasses based on fishing conditions.

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PKR737PKR737 - Blue Smoke
PKR737PKR737 - Green Smoke
PKR788PKR788 - Blue Smoke
PKR788PKR788 - Red Smoke
PK277PK277 - Black Smoke
PK277PK277 - Blue Smoke
PK277PK277 - Pink Smoke
PB003PB003 - Purple Smoke
PB003PB003 - Orange Smoke