Guide Dogs Tips: Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

Guide Dogs Tips: Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

Guide Dog Tips: Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

Just as we care for our bodies and minds, it's important to prioritise the health of our eyes. We asked the Guide Dogs Centre for Eye Health for their top three tips to maintain healthy eyesight:

  1. Wear sunglasses that meet Australian standards for UVA and UVB protection. UV exposure is particularly bad for eye health.
  2. Wear eye protection to prevent injury when working with tools, riding motorcycles or during sport.
  3. Get regular eye tests for early detection and intervention.

At Ugly Fish, we're serious about eye protection, and we believe you should be too! We’ve been protecting eyes for twenty years and know that in addition to UV damage, thousands of eye accidents happen every year in Australia. The good news is that many of these injuries are preventable with the use of appropriate safety eyewear.

Ugly Fish safety glasses help prevent eye damage with shatterproof, impact resistant polycarbonate safety lenses, anti-fog coating, and Category 3 UV protection. Wraparound frames and removable positive seal inserts also add protection from wind, dust and particle entry.
Protection is important on the weekend too. Ugly Fish polarised sunglasses eliminate harmful UV rays and glare which reduces squinting and eye strain. Reducing UV exposure also helps slow cataract growth and other eye conditions. 

Get it checked! Any vision issues such as lack of focus, squinting, eye soreness, discomfort, headaches or dry eyes should be investigated by your eye care specialist (optometrist or orthoptist). Contact Guide Dogs today for advice and support.

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Guide Dogs delivers essential services to children, teenagers, adults, and older Australians who are blind or have low vision. Ugly Fish are proud to support the incredible work of Guide Dogs by donating $1 from every pair of glasses sold.