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Is all this talk of polarised, and polarisation, confusing? Don't sweat, we break it down for you here in lamen terms.

Polarisation is what happens when light waves from the sun are reflected off of a surface such as water, snow, a boat or the road. This reflected light can cause glare and make it difficult to see clearly.

You know the light we're talking about right? When you're outside, or driving, and have to squint and look away cause there's bright light in your eyes.

Polarised sunnies reduce glare so you can stop the squinting and see what you're doing. The polarised lenses feature a filter that reduces the amount of reflected light, and harmful UV rays, from entering the eye for increased clarity and sharper vision. This also reduces eye strain and the likelihood of headaches.

Polarised sunnies are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, or sport nut, who is constantly out and about and needs to give it everything they've got. They're especially great for activities such as fishing, boating, sky diving, driving or when you're just at the beach catching some rays.