Wear Specs? We’ve Got a Sun Solution for You!

Wear Specs? We’ve Got a Sun Solution for You!

Wear specs? We’ve got a sun solution for you! Protect your peepers from the sun's glare and harmful UV rays with a pair of Ugly Fish Fit Over sunnies. 

What are Fit Over Sunglasses? 

Fit Over sunnies are exactly what their name implies. They are designed to sit over the top of your prescription spectacles, saving you the expense of having to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Fit Overs have all the same benefits as our regular sunnies - protection from UV rays, minimising damage to your eyes and ensuring that you have crystal clear vision when you're out and about. 

Why Fit Overs? 

Protecting your eyes from exposure to the Aussie sun's harsh UV rays is important all year round. However, this isn't always a simple task if you need prescription sunglasses - you can't just walk into your local servo and buy them off the shelf. If you wear glasses and spend a lot of time outdoors then our stylish and practical Fit Overs may be the perfect solution for you. 

Ugly Fish Fit Overs are particularly popular for fishing because the polarised lenses block out any glare reflecting off the water. They're also built with a tough but lightweight TR-90 frame and are comfortable enough to wear all day long. 

New Fit Over Styles

We recently added three new Fit Over styles to our range to cater for different sizing requirements:


  • Matte Black Frame - Smoke or brown lens options available.
  • Polarised Lens - Reduces glare to prevent squinting. Also enhances colour and visual clarity.
  • Maximum UV Protection - Category 3 protection from harmful UV rays.
  • TR-90 Frame - Highly flexible and light weight.

Ugly Fish Fit Overs are available for purchase at uglyfish.com.au or at your nearest stockist