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The Benefits of Wearing Ugly Fish

The Benefits of Wearing Ugly Fish

At Ugly Fish HQ we are always thinking of you the customer and are always trying to give you our customers more and this is driven through the wide range of motorcycle sunnies & our ongoing quest to supply the best quality & protection for a reasonable price.

All Ugly Fish motorcycle glasses meet Australian safety standard with an impact resistant frame, shatterproof polycarbonate, washable anti-fog lens coating on to help protect you in all situations when riding your bike day or night.


Shatter Proof Lens Ugly Fish Photo         Ugly Fish Complaint to Australian Five Tick Standard          Anti Fog Lens Ugly Fish

The benefits of the shorter arm tips we use on our glasses to make it a comfortable fit when you have your full face or open face helmet on those long rides or even on a short ride we made sure we had comfort in mind when thinking of the look and feel of the sunglasses.

When you’re riding during the day and into the bright sun is not an easy situation to be in, riding at night in the dark can be also just as hard as well and riding into the rain, dawn or dusk presents a whole new set of challenges for your eyes to adjust to but to make it easier for you and your eyes you can chose from the three main lens coulure that we have to offer for you Smoke, Clear, Yellow.

Ugly Fish Full Face or Open Face Poster

Ugly Fish have got the answer to all your problems by protecting your eyes & staying safe with the correct gear that covers light, dark, rain and everything in between that’s comfortable and durable, allowing you to hit the open roads in Ugly style

Take a look at our range of styles by clicking on the modal names. Rocket (small-medium), Warehead (medium-large) , Canon (extra-large)Slim (small), Ultimate (medium), Glide (large)Cruise (extra-large).

Ugly Fish Riders features include:

•   Safety rated Shatterproof & impact resistant lenses

•   TR90 plastic frames for maximum impact resistance

•   Lightweight, highly flexible, stress & weather resistant