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Review Over Our Electra

Review Over Our Electra

Reviewing the Electra, one of our top sellers in detail to see why it’s loved so much. Taking a closer look you can instantly see the quality & design, all the rubber joins are perfectly done, there light, they feel strong, the frame material feels really well finished and everything about the look and feel of the Electra feels right. The modern look of the sunglasses & design sets you apart from our traditional wraparound look, making you look your best in all situations. The lenses work very well in the harshest sunlight given the Electra takes advantage of our best quality Polycarbonate, lightweight, strong, resistant & available in Smoke, Red Revo and Green Revo colour options.


Electra MBL.SM+AR+R Photo          
Electra MBL.SM+AR Photo
Electra MBL.SM+AR+G Photo


We sat down and talked with Ethan our website developer, he is wearing the Electra in Matt Black/Green frame with Green Revo lenses. Here’s what Ethan had to say about the them.


“Great fit, lightweight and easy to wear all day. I love the performance I get when I’m active. When I running they don’t move around & they stay where there supposed to unlike more expensive pairs of sunglasses in similar shapes I have owned in the past & I was constantly pushing back up my face to get comfortable. The rubber on the arms clearly help here & add allot to the overall comfort & feeling as they don’t dig into the side of my head, there flexible but stay in place after wearing the sunglasses for long periods of time”.


Ugly Fish Smoke lens           Ugly Fish Green Revo lens           Ugly Fish Red Revo lens


The Polycarbonate lens in the Electra performs well in high UV situations with maximum UV category 3 protection. Anti-reflective coatings further reduce you from squinting all the time by filtering reflective glare off surfaces... There the lightest plastic lens Ugly Fish supplies & also the toughest I regards to scratch, heat & impact resistance.





All in all the Electra is a great pair for the person looking for the most practical daily wear sunglasses with maximum comfort and a cool look and feel to keep your eyes protected from all the sun's harsh elements…….Isn’t it about time you wrapped a pair of Uglies around your head, after all…. Everyone’s Ugly!   

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