Stay Sharp With Prescription Sunnies

Stay Sharp With Prescription Sunnies

Life getting a little blurry?

Stay sharp with prescription lenses in your favourite Ugly Fish sunnies, now available to purchase right here on our website!

Ugly Fish prescription lenses are engineered for optimum clarity when you need it most. Our lightweight, high-definition lenses include multiple premium coatings for the perfect balance of performance and comfort. 

Choose the same tough, lightweight sunglass frames you know and love, with the vision correction you need.

Quality always comes first at Ugly Fish, that's why ALL of our prescription lenses include premium lens coatings, and advanced polarisation with every order.

Our lenses rock because...

  • They offer maximum UV protection of Category 3 to protect your eyes from exposure to the Aussie sun's harsh UV rays all year round. 
  • Advanced polarisation technology for uniform colour and light transmission, perfect for daytime driving and outdoor activities like fishing and boating. 
  • Multiple premium lens coatings included: 
    • Hydrophobic: repels oil and water, for reduced smudges and easy cleaning. 
    • Anti-Reflective: reduces the amount of light that reflects off your lenses giving clearer vision and preventing eye-strain. 
    • Anti-Scratch: extends the life of your lens.
  • Single Vision prescription for vision correction, reading or distance is available, as well as Progressive Lenses (Multifocal) prescription for correcting near, intermediate and distance vision in one lens so you don't have to switch glasses.* 
  • Option to upgrade to a high-index 1.67 lens, which is up to 33% thinner than a standard lens. 
  • A wide variety of polarised lens colours and optional mirrored coatings available.

*Multifocal lens option coming soon.

If you have any questions or need assistance when placing your order, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to make your online glasses ordering experience as easy as possible! You can also view our FAQ's here

Keep your eyes on the prize. Shop Prescription Sunglasses today.