How to Care for Your Ugly's

How to Care for Your Ugly's

Listen up Ugly people! Don’t let your sunnies sizzle like a snail. 

We all know that protecting your peepers with a pair of quality Ugly’s is darn important… but so is looking after said Ugly’s. 

You can increase the lifespan of your sunnies and reduce the effects of wear and tear by following the simple care instructions below.


  • No hot cars: Don't leave your Ugly's sitting in a hot car, on your boat, or in direct sunlight. Overheating can warp or deform the frames, and they may no longer fit your face. Extreme heat can also cause extensive damage to the lenses, especially those with protective coatings. Overheated lenses can crack or start to peel. 
  • No lens sprays: Don't use any type of optical lens cleaning solutions or sprays on your lenses as they contain chemicals that will cause irreversible damage to the coatings on the lenses.  
  • No chemicals: Don't spray sunscreen, zinc or bug spray onto your face while wearing your sunnies. These types of chemicals will cause irreversible damage to the coatings on the lenses, and any rubber elements, like nose pads, arms etc., may perish. Make sure that chemical products are dry on your face BEFORE putting on your Ugly's. 

  • Avoid rough materials: Don't use a paper towel or a t-shirt as a cleaning or drying agent to wipe your sunnies. Salt crystals, sand or other tiny particles will scratch your lenses and can potentially add more dirt to them. Instead, clean your sunnies by running under cold water with a bit of chemical-free soap to remove dirt, grime, sunscreen and any other harsh substances or chemicals. For those with mirrored or anti-reflective lenses, pay extra attention to cleaning, as these layers are more sensitive.
  • Watch your noggin': Don't wear your Ugly's on top of your head. Over time, this stretches out the frames, puts strain on arm pins, and generally bends things out of shape. You’ll find your glasses slipping off your face like they’re too big.


  • Keep them clean! Regularly clean your sunnies by washing them under cold, running water with a bit of chemical-free soap, then air-dry them away from direct sun light. Once dry, use the inside of the Ugly Fish microfibre soft pouch or an optical cleaning cloth, to further clean the lenses and frame. 
  • Store them safely. If you're not wearing your sunnies, keep them in an Ugly Fish microfibre soft pouch and/or sports zip hard case for extra protection.
  • Strap them on. Wear a fitted or floating strap so you don’t lose your sunnies. You can shop our range of Sport Straps and Cords here