Eyewear Protection For Riders Is Important Too

Eyewear Protection For Riders Is Important Too

There’s no doubt when it comes to protective clothing most riders are a very safety conscious bunch.

When hitting the open road, safety items such as a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots are considered essential. Unfortunately, despite taking these precautions, there are still riders out there wearing fashion or ‘servo’ sunnies, offering virtually no protection for their eyes.

The Ugly Fish “Classic” Riderz range is the perfect combination of comfort and protection, as the lenses won’t shatter if they come into contact with flying objects at high speed or during a collision or fall. The "Classic" Riderz range comes in five head sizes Cannon (Large/ Extra-large), Slim (Small), Ultimate (Medium), Glide (Large) and Cruize (Extra-large).

A removable positive seal also helps keep the wind and bugs at bay, while newer frames like the Rocket (Small/Medium) and Warhead (Medium/Large) have been beefed up to provide extra temple coverage.

Better still, if you are riding during the day and into the bright sun your favourite Uglys will also eliminate harmful UV rays, glare and reduce squinting, while also being super comfortable and durable, allowing you to hit the open roads safely and in style.

Whether you’re on a hog or your customised pride-and-joy, the Ugly Fish range of glasses is perfect for any rider. With anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses, they’re especially suited to anyone who wears an open face helmet.

These stylish biker sunnies are compliant with Australian safety standards, while the flexible lightweight TR-90 frame is designed for a streamlined fit inside your helmet that won’t catch the lining when you slip them in and out.

If you’re big on comfort, an adjustable elastic strap can replace the arms for a more secure fit.

For those optically challenged, some models can be used for prescription lens fitting by adding a prescription RX Gasket, providing a much safer option than basic prescription spectacles.

Ugly Fish RX Gasket Fitting System

Nobody plans to come off their bike, but choosing the right protective eyewear can help save your sight if you do.

If you’re looking for eyewear protection with attitude, you can view the whole Riderz range here or use our Store Locator to find an Ugly Fish stockist near you.

Your eyewear safety checklist:

  • Shatterproof and impact resistant
  • Meets Australian Safety Standards
  • Polycarbonate Decentred Safety Lens (PC-DS)
  • Detachable Positive Seal/Foam
  • Secure fit under helmet
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Anti-Scratch Hard Coating