Does Lens Colour Matter?

Does Lens Colour Matter?

Choosing a lens colour is not just about personal preference, different lens colours offer unique benefits based on the time of day, the weather and other environmental factors.

This also makes different coloured lenses better suited to certain activities. Regardless of colour, all lenses in the Ugly Fish range provide maximum UV protection (that's Category 3) to keep your peepers protected from those harmful UV rays. If you can, try on the various lens colours outside so you can see the benefits of each before you buy.

SMOKE - The most common and popular colour choice, smoke lenses (also known as grey) are best in very bright conditions as they cut contrast and reduce glare helping you to see better. Smoke lenses are great for salt water fishing, boating and chilling at the beach. Choosing a smoke lens with anti-reflective coating will further reduce squinting by filtering reflective glare off surfaces like the ocean and your boat.



BROWN - Brown lenses (or copper lenses) reduce unwanted glare and significantly increase contrast so that your surroundings appear brighter. Brown lenses are perfect for fresh water fishing, so you can better see your catch in murky conditions, as well as early morning and late afternoon, helping you keep a keen eye on the road while driving.



ROSE - Similar to brown, rose lenses add contrast making your surroundings brighter. Rose lenses are the ideal choice in earthy environments such as muddy, murky rivers or desert landscapes and are great for fresh water fishing as well as cycling or hiking. 



Apart from looking super cool, this technically advanced mirror treatment maximises the polarisation effect by eliminating even more glare.


RED or ORANGE REVO - A red or orange mirror coating is usually applied to smoke or rose coloured lenses. Refer to Smoke or Rose for activities best suited to this revo lens. 


BLUE or GREEN REVO - A blue or green mirror coating is usually applied to a smoke coloured lens and is great for salt water fishing, boating and chilling at the beach providing the best possible vision from sunrise to sunset regardless of the weather. 

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