Glide RS03282 BL.B 2 NO FOAM Glide $74.95
Xenon PC3252 BL.SM+AR 2 Xenon $149.95
Twilight PC3774 BL.SM+AR 2 New Product Twilight $149.95
Krypton PC 3266 MBL.SM+AR 2 Krypton $149.95
PK911 B.SM 2 Junior Product PK911 $34.95
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Pouch and Zip CaseWe said they were tough but with a little extra care you can increase the lifespan of your sunnies and prolong the effects of normal wear and tear by following a few simple regular cleaning instructions and storing your Ugly's in a safe place when you're not wearing 'em.

We've also got a few Do's and Don'ts so you can get the most outta your sunnies.

The most important rule is... Everyone's Ugly!

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Ugly Since 2003 Red slantedTHE UGLY STORY.

Ugly Fish is a leading Aussie eyewear label specialising in sports polarised sunnies, motorcycle goggles and motorcycle sunnies and safety glasses for active people with attitude.

Yeah, we’re a little bit irreverent but we take the business of protecting your peepers very seriously. Our extensive, innovative and stylish range of Ugly’s are designed to protect your peepers from the harsh conditions, whether it’s the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays or random flying objects, whilst making sure your vision is crystal clear. Perfect for active people when you need to give it everything you’ve got.

If it’s attitude you’re looking for, we’ve got it in bucket loads. So, if you haven’t wrapped a pair of Ugly’s around your head it’s about time you tried ‘em, after all... Everyone’s Ugly!

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Mirage the Optical Phenomenon

Mirage PC7330 MBL.SM+AR 2

A mirage is an optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to prod...


Sydney Harbour gets Ugly

IMG 5174

As the saying goes “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at wor...