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Ugly People

You've probably spotted some big name celebs proudly rockin' a pair of the Ugly's. From fishos to rock legends, base jumpers, iron men and rugby league greats, they're all here and they're all UGLY!

Adam Wright
Adam Wright

Adam Wright is a professional Angler and a loving family man.

He lives for the outdoors lifestyle with good times on the water or in the bush.

He owns and operates Show Off Your Catch, "A fishing Website & Facebook Page where everyone can show Australia and the world their Catch".

From Perth, Western Australia. Adam has a load of fishing sponsors including Ugly fish and sets out to target all sorts of species large or small using their gear. His hunting grounds are mainly all over WA but travels all around Australia and the world chasing spectacular fish.

You can find his videos and photos on SOYC, YouTube and Instagram from battles with iconic fish and tutorials for beginners that need a hand. Adam is a very keen angler with a passion to help others with basic knowledge to have more fun on the water with their friends and family.

Best of all Adam loves his Ugly Fish sunnies for an even better advantage on the water.

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Jeff Lemon
Jeff Lemon Dry Lake Racing

Originally from New Zealand I have been riding on and off most my life, worked as a Motorcycle Courier in London in the early 90s, dream job payed to ride.

Have ridden around UK/Ireland and parts of Europe, moved to Australia mid 90s spent ten weeks riding around Australia, where I got into Land Speed racing. In 2005 we broke some records raced at Bonneville in America.

With Lake Gairdner, SA in great condition for Speed Week 2017, we finally got a couple of good runs with a best of 210 mph/ 339kph, resetting the Australian MPS/F 1650 record. The bikes now running strong and already for Speed Week 2018 where we will be running her wide open with our goal 220mph.

Lachlan Barker
Lachie Baker Fishing

Gday, I’m Lachie Baker and I’m a mad keen fisherman. Being a fisherman and fishing as often as I can, I need a quality and tough pair of sunnies, so I choose Ugly Fish. I usually am sporting a pair of Ugly Fish Eclipse glasses when I am fishing, and this is because they are one of the most reliable glasses I have worn. Most of my fishing is done with lures, and not only are my sunglasses a tool to spot fish, rocks and sandbanks that may hold fish as well as bait in the water, they are also the protector of my eyes from stray lures and the sun’s rays.

When it comes to fishing, there is nothing I enjoy more than casting a lure at hungry fish dwelling in structure, working my offering into getting them to bite. My favorite fish to catch include Mangrove Jacks, Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon. I find the most enjoyable way to target Jacks and Barra is on topwater, particularly surface plastics. I skip cast said plastics into deep cover where I then work them out until a fish grabs them. The initial strike is unbelievable, with a loud “boof” and water exploding everywhere. Another way I like targeting these fish is by using my polarised Ugly Fish to spot fallen trees and timber in the water, then casting a diving lure or jerkbait, then simply twitching and hanging on! I target my Threadies the same as many other people living in Brisbane, with vibes and plastics. A lift and drop retrieve works well with vibes whereas a few small hops with the plastics does the job. Their powerful tails and screaming runs make for heaps of fun fishing. As well as these fish I also enjoy targeting, Bass, Bream, Mackerel, Mulloway and Snapper.

I’m part of the Suntag fishing club, where we tag and release fish to monitor their movements, I have been tagging since I started fishing, as my dad has been tagging for 25 years. If you are interested in seeing any more of my fishing adventures you canfind me on Facebook and Instagram, tight lines!

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Chris McDougall - Douggs
Chris McDougall - Douggs Base Jumping

Our global traveler and extreme sports nut Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall is renowned as one of the most active and hardcore BASE jumpers on the planet. His groundbreaking feats, captured on video the extremes of human body flight, have made him a legend within the sport, and allowed the rest of the world to experience base jumping without leaving their computer screens.

Check ‘Douggs’ out in his Best of Vlogs video

Douggs has over 7100 Skydives and over 3800 BASE jumps. He has jumped his way through 43 countries. He has a world record, Has been a world champion and has represented his country in both skydiving and BASE jumping.

He has worked with some of the worlds best athletes including moto X legend Travis Pastrana.

He has also worked with HBO, National Geographic, BBC, Nitro Circus and many more.

With his 20+ years in the sport, Douggs has a gathered huge following on all social media platforms with over 36 million views on Youtube.

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2Thugs Customs
2Thugs Customs

Calling myself a Motorcycle enthusiast would probably be an understatement, since as young as I can remember they have been a part of my life and now days not only do I still ride motorcycles but build and restore them through my company 2Thugs Customs, we turn out a small run of custom bikes each year along with our sponsorship involvement in 2 motorcycle teams which has us attending race meetings around the country and sometimes internationally. My passion for bikes has rubbed off on my partner and her son who is now the proud owner of his first dirt bike and our down time is often spent riding bikes with ourselves and our friends.
I look forward to being able to share some snap shots of what we get up too with everyone.

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Squid Hunters WA - Daniel Langridge
Squid Hunters WA

Hi guys, my name is Daniel Langridge and I'm the creator of the fantastic Facebook group Squid Hunters Western Australia which has been helping people learn how to squid for about 6 years now, with nearly 6000 members it's a great club to join if you like a family friendly environment to talk everything about squid.

I started the group soon after I discovered my passion for squidding, as I never had much luck with catching fish, and by chance bumped into a few people squidding off one of the local jetties here in Perth. Then i got right into it and discovered the art of catching squid the Japanese have been doing for 100s of years and it's pretty much a sport to them. I also prefer to eat squid over fish, and hard lures means no stinky bait.

I love supporting UglyFish Sunglasses as they make great Polarised Sunnies ideal for being out on the water enjoying the day fishing or squidding.

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My Catch Australia
My Catch Australia

My Catch Australia was created originally solely as a Facebook Fishing Forum where fellow fishos could go to share photos of their catch, discuss and share knowledge of their fishing adventures and preferred techniques.

We encourage everyone to get involved on our website and social media accounts to increase our community of recreational fishers.

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Wildman B Steamshovel
Wildman B Steamshovel - Base Jumper

Wildman B Steamshovel - BASE Jumper

I’m simply loving living life! Some say I’m simple and loving living life. My aim in life is to work as little as possible. I’m getting better at this the older I get.

I started skydiving at 16 and was immediately addicted to it and the people that it attracts. I quickly realised that skydiving was heaps more fun than real work so became and instructor for 10 years and have taken over 6000 people for their first jumps. With a total of over 10,000 jumps.

I’ve been BASE jumping for 20 years and have over 900 jumps it has taken me to beautiful locations all over the globe and is a great reason not to work.

Other hobbies include speed riding, extreme hammocking and beating my personal best at staying in the hot-tub.

Greg Reid
Greg Reid - Ugly Catch

Greg 'Reidy' Reid - Pro Fishing Guide

For hundreds of satisfied clients who have caught the fish of a lifetime Pro Fishing Guide Greg “Reidy” Reid needs no introduction. Reidy is the founding guide, waterman, larrikin, fishing media comentator and owner of Bay and Basin Sportfishing.

BBSF has been featured on most mainstream fishing shows including Ifish with Paul Worstling, Escape with ET, Fishing Australia with Rob Paxevanous and more. Reidy has fished the length and breadth of the Australian continent, and the Jervis Bay and St George’s Basin area for over twenty years and knows the are like the back of his hand.